Broadwing Martial Arts seeks to uplift each student by guiding them through a rigorous mental and physical training program, and to increase personal safety by providing a modern system of combative arts with an emphasis on awareness and application. 

American Karate
Developed for the purpose of self defense, students learn concepts of directness, simplicity and efficiency.

Kids Classes
Classes for children aged 4-12 teach self control, fitness, team work, respect and balance.


A blend of Muay Thai and Taekwondo exercises combined with calisthenics. For beginners to experts.

Ladies' Kickboxing

Build strength and endurance while getting in shape and reducing stress.

Instructor | John Calligan

Guru John Calligan has trained extensively in the martial arts for fifteen years. He began his formal training at an early age, studying Taekwondo under Grand Master Y.C. Kim. More recently, he trained with Guru Jeff Brown for five years primarily in Kenpo Karate, Kali and Herman Suwanda’s Pencak Silat Mande Muda. For the past eight years, he has trained with his current instructor, Master LaDale Allen, whose own great teachers include Taekwondo Grand Master Scott Schwab of Dayton. Guru Calligan has also been blessed with many other teachers along the way. He is particularly grateful to the fantastic Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu instructor Jim Rosenthal of Ten Bears Academy of Dayton, where he has trained during the last year. He has also been fortunate to have the opportunity to expand his horizons through various seminars, including those given by Guru Crafty Dog Denny, Sifu Dan Inosanto, and Sifu Lo Man Kam in Taiwan.


Guru Calligan has fostered a nearly lifelong love and pursuit of excellence in the martial arts. He has always appreciated the physical, mental, and emotional benefits it has given him, and his passion lies in helping others see what it can do for them. Throughout all of his training, he has kept a keen eye toward self-defense.  He teaches a combination of ancient and modern fighting arts for this purpose. He looks forward to continuing his training and teaching for the rest of his life.


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